Pithy Edits is a premier editing boutique that helps students write dazzlng admission essays.

Pithy Edits is a premier editing boutique specializing in college application essays. I help students write their main Common Application essays and school-specific supplemental essays. I also edit resumes, personal statements, and admissions essays for graduate schools, professional schools, scholarships, fellowships, summer programs, and much more! 

My mission is to help students reach their fullest potential, shine authentically, and gain admission to their dream schools and programs. In 13 years, I have helped more than 1,300 students in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa. 


Writing admissions essays is an art requiring thoughtful reflection and revision. My core philosophy is that writing should be pithy: short and sweet—both concise and substantive. Pithy writing facilitates clear and effective communication.

I personally guide each client through every stage of the writing and editing process. Attention to detail is my specialty; storytelling is my craft. Clients seek my services for my personalized approach and expert guidance. 

A former New York City prosecutor who specialized in felony gun crimes, I am an experienced teacher and trial attorney. Since 2007, I have worked extensively in the college admissions industry at 9 different boutique tutoring and consulting firms in Silicon Valley and New York City. I have edited over 5,000 admissions essays and am the editor of 25 Successful College Admission Essays from the New Ivies.


Having worked in government, private practice, public interest, and education, I offer diverse and practical perspectives to my global clientele. A jazz enthusiast, I graduated from Harvard College (A.B. in Government and English, Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude) and Columbia Law School (J.D., Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar).

Daniel Chung
A.B. (Harvard), J.D. (Columbia)


I help tell stories. 

I provide comprehensive editing services that enable my clients to write compelling application essays, showcase their authentic selves, and gain admission to their dream schools and programs. I work collaboratively with my clients to advance their best interests. 


I help my clients strategically pick essay topics from their unique backgrounds and experiences that will enable them to shine during the admissions process.


I help my clients reflect on their experiences and tell their life stories in a compelling and authentic manner that preserves and projects their voice.


I help my clients draft their personal statements and application essays, transforming their ideas into dazzling stories on paper both stylistically and substantively.


I help my clients rigorously edit and polish their rough drafts, providing extensive comments and track changes and finalizing each essay into a masterpiece.


I have edited over 5,000 admissions essays and have worked with over 1,300 students around the world. I have worked extensively in the admissions industry for 13 years and have personally experienced both undergraduate and graduate admissions success. Clients trust my judgment and consistently refer their friends and family to me. 



“Daniel helped both our sons by reviewing their essays and providing valuable, detailed comments with a short turnaround time to aid in their improvement in grammar, use of expressions and flow. What we loved most is that it took the pressure off us as parents by Daniel providing unbiased opinions where even the criticisms were well received by our sons. Daniel's ability to motivate even our writing-averse child was priceless. The essays went from mediocre to stupendous! Enough for Harvard to admit both kids! All those we have referred have been extremely satisfied as well.” 


—  Kenneth and Marie M., parents of David (Harvard '19) and Aaron (Harvard '18)



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